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Roger Williams's
Little Book of Virtues

(Wipf & Stock, March 2020) speaks to those concerned about the rise of politicized form of US based Christianity. What can contemporary seekers like Garrison learn from her 11th great-grandfather and pioneer of religious liberty? They both champion the separation of church and state, a cause that led them to leave the institutionalized church and continue on as spiritual seekers.

New Cover - Roger Williams' Little Book
Trump and Church in bed together

Forced religion stinks
in the nostrils of God.

Roger Williams

recent Books

Sports Stories: Roy B. Clogston (1905-1995) offers snippets that chronicle the history US college and amateur athletics from 1900-1995. This short is part of a work-in-progress titled War of the Game. In this fictionalized work, Becky tries to connect with her grandfather through the retelling of his stories recounting his exploits coaching football during WWII in the Pacific. 

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Becky's recent writing credits include work for Spirituality & Health, Beverage Master, The Grapevine Magazine, Wine Industry Advisor, Religion DispatchesKilling the Buddha, American Atheist MagazineThe Humanist, Medium, 52 Perfect Days and the recently relaunched Wittenburg Door. A complete list of books where Becky has served as solo author, editor, or contributor can be found here on Amazon. You may also check out samples of her latest work.


When she takes a break from her iPad, Becky can often be found sailing, kayaking, biking, or sampling craft beer, cider, wine, spirits and cannabis with a particular fondness for American Single Malt Whiskey and Scotch Whisky. 


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